UPDATE 3-23-03: I shouldn't have to post this because it's pretty much a given, but I've been getting tons of emails about it and I'm getting a little annoyed. Please DO NOT email me asking how you go about getting a layout and saving the images. Generic Designs is CLOSED. That means no more layouts. None. Zip. Zilch. What I meant by "save your images" was that if you were already using a layout, you should save them to continue using it. Not that you could still get the images after I closed down.

I don't even know how you people are viewing the layouts anyway, because there's not a link to them on this page. All I can figure is that you're going through the archives page, so now that has been changed so that's no longer possible.

Really, I hate to be a bitch about it, but it seems like no on is accepting that I'm done here. I don't want to keep helping you with layouts. There are tons of other D-landers who would be happy to do it. Everyone keeps saying "Open back up! PLEASE!" Don't you people read what I wrote down below? I CAN'T open back up. There is nowhere to host the images. It's not possible. I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be. Now run along and find another designer!!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as of today, 2-11-03, Generic Designs is officially out of business.

There are more than a few reasons, the most prominent ones being that I don't have enough time or funds to devote to the site at this time. I'm extremely busy with finishing school and finding another job, and the cards just aren't in my favor to maintain the site. My time is stretched as it is, and I feel that I can no longer put so much time into something that I get no pay for. I also can no longer host images for you without paying for it (because I can't use my SuperGold account as I had previously thought).

I would, however, like to send a huge, heartfelt thanks out to everyone who has ever used my layouts or supported me in any other way. Because the truth is, I would never have amounted to anything without all of you. And I will truly miss providing you with layouts. Having this site taught me a lot about webdesign. I learned what people like, and how to please certain audiences. I thank you for that, and I plan to take it with me as I pursue a career in graphic design.

I'd also like to say thank you to Beautify and Diaryland, for they have both been a tremendous help during my time in the design world.

I will continue to keep my personal diary, so if you are interested in keeping tabs on my life, you can do that here. I'll also leave the guestbook open if you have anything you'd like to say. Or, you can contact me via email or AIM.

The images will remain on my server until I have a chance to delete them all, which will be sometime soon. So if you would like to keep your layout, be sure to save the images.

And so, it is with a tear in my eye (literally) that I bid you all farewell. You will never know how much your support truly means to me. I have gained more by running this design site than I ever thought possible. I will be forever greatful. And I'd love to keep in touch with all of you, so feel free to drop by my diary.

Thank you. So, so much.

Cheer up, emo kids. Love, Alicia.


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